SIS Launches Meatless Mondays

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As part our mission to support the educational success of children living within the Hunts Point, and recognizing that school success is closely tied to social-emotional development and access to healthy living choices, HPAC is excited to announce it is embracing the multinational Meatless Monday campaign.  We’re proudly working with The Humane Society of the United States, one of the numerous organizations supporting the movement, to implement Meatless Monday as a foundation from which other nutritional education initiatives we’re focusing on can grow in a cohesive, sustainable manner.

HPAC’s staff and one partner school, St. Ignatius, have already put Meatless Monday into action, meaning that on Mondays we’re consciously replacing meat with healthy vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, and other alternatives. The goal of Meatless Monday is simple:  improve health, help the environment, and reduce suffering of animals used in food production.  Through the small and easy step of cutting meat from our diets one day a week, we have the power to make big and necessary changes in these areas.

We feel Meatless Monday is a perfect way to bring awareness to healthier eating habits and introduce this vital information to Hunts Point, where 1 in 4 adults is obese[1].  It’s been widely stated that there is correlation between better nutrition and increased educational success, which is one of our main objectives. Through Meatless Monday, our students and families are not only educated about the impacts of their food choices but are informed about ingredients and meal options they might not have been aware of and given the tools to take ownership of these concepts outside the school setting.

St. Ignatius is currently experimenting with the most effective ways of engaging its entire educational community with the mission of Meatless Monday.  It is working to reinforce the concepts of health, sustainability and compassion through various classroom activities, and teach parents different ways of practicing these at home.

One example of this is another program St. Ignatius is piloting called, ‘Together Tuesdays.’ Two Tuesdays a month, families are invited to partake in an evening session during which they are given fresh produce and learn about easy, cost-efficient recipes and the multiple benefits of cooking these as a family.  Families also have the opportunity to share what they made for Meatless Monday the night before.  Part of the goal of Together Tuesday is to support the teachings of Meatless Monday at St. Ignatius and as well as build a healthy, sustainable relationship with food within the Hunts Point community.

Moving forward we hope to see Meatless Monday grow to other partner schools and be executed in a similar manner to St. Ignatius,  as well as blossom within the neighborhood in other capacities. Our efforts in utilizing this campaign as a platform also include identifying and meeting the nutritional needs of our community.

Please follow our blog which will highlight all the wonderful events and developments surrounding Meatless Monday and other HPAC success stories.


[1] Source: NYC Community Health Survey 2002-03-04.

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